After many years of success in the UK as a Lead Generation and Energy Experts, we have confidently built two successful businesses. With a vision of becoming one of the largest and best telecommunication service provider in the UK and to help the businesses get the communication solutions according to their needs, We started AGS Telecommunications in the humble beginnings of 2016. Our founders have many years of success creating easy-to-understand communications packages for UK small businesses. Combined with over 15 years of management experience, we have spent over half a year developing our customized solutions with the changing needs of UK SMEs in mind. In a market that offered several alternatives, we were successful from the start by investing in 2 key factors: our customers and our employees.

As of 2017, we have been one of the UK’s fastest-growing telecommunications service providers targeting SEMs to enterprise-level businesses across the UK. Medical centres, hotels, cafes & restaurants, schools, and IT companies were among our first customers and are still our most loyal supporters to this day!

AGS Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing and most reliable service provider in the communications and IT industries since 2017. Initially starting with the lead generation process for telecom companies AGS Telecommunication has evolved into what it is today: a powerful, customer-focused team helping more than 2200 businesses to take full advantage of corporate communications and IT services at affordable prices. Our customer oriented custom solutions includes business mobile services, unified communications, business broadband, VoIP phone system, as well as merchant solutions that can adapt and evolve to meet changing business requirements.

We also provide world-class Managed IT Services that will keep your business safe, productive, and keep your technology running efficiently no matter what comes your way. With 24X7 management and support services, we give you the assurance that our team of experienced engineers will resolve a problem quickly and transparently.

We believe that when a business invests in unified communications, they shouldn’t just buy a solution for today, a solution that simply focuses on immediate and today’s action. Instead, they should invest in even the smallest transformational measures that make the company future-proof. Small and seemingly insignificant actions can generate enormous combined value.

AGS Telecommunication is ideally positioned to help you get the most out of your communications investment by taking small, affordable steps that will create a productive environment, an environment that will work for you, your team, your business, and most importantly your budget.

Why Us?


Our ambition drives us to explore new possibilities and to continuously develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the business. We believe in giving everyone the confidence, direction, and help to grow and improve.


By simplifying the complex, we allow colleagues and clients to focus on the essential things. Simplicity is based on effective collaboration, smarter systems and easy processes.


With a constant focus on the experience of our customers and our experts, we always strive to exceed expectations and challenge standards of service delivery.


Our expertise and skills set us apart from the competition. We believe that every interaction between customers and our representatives is an opportunity to build trust in our capabilities.


We are more robust and more productive when we work mutually towards a common goal. We recognize and accept the different strengths of each individual. We learn from difficulties and celebrate successes together.


We attach great importance to the safety and well-being of our employees and customers, as well as the security of information and data. Our culture is about looking out for one another & empowering people to challenge each other in the interests of safety.

Pick a Service to Get Started

Business Mobiles

Using business mobiles and tariffs across the business can be key to saving costs and increasing productivity. AGS Telecommunications is perfectly positioned to work with you on all of your business mobile needs, even if you need one or two devices or hundreds of cell phones in your..

Phones systems

AGS Telecommunications offers an all-in-one cloud platform for calling, audio conferencing, online faxing and SMS. It is a powerful, yet flexible system that allows most devices to act as a softphone and has good compatibility with a wide variety of existing PBX phone hardware.

Business Broadband

At AGS Telecommunications, we offer business broadband services tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, with extras not normally available on home internet. This can include a static IP address, faster peak speeds, and increased security.

Unified Communications

Dealing with the hard and time-consuming work of connecting software, networks, and telecommunications can be a headache. At AGS Telecommunications, we build a scalable communication backbone for your business. You can also simplify common hurdles like portability and compliance.

Business Cloud Solutions

Our cloud services provide end-to-end services from strategy planning to execution and help our customers migrate seamlessly to the cloud. We’ll help you create a cloud strategy to move your IT workloads online with minimal cost and effort, so you can reduce expenses and maintain the...


With today’s technology, CCTV integrations are almost limitless. Here we can develop a custom CCTV system that will meet all your security needs at the most competitive prices. Our professional team has more than 10 years of industry experience and is committed to providing customers with...

Lines And Calls

Manage your company costs with a tailored business phone line & call package from AGS Telecommunications. Our Packages suits all types and sizes of business. Our no-contract packages and plans come packed with features and benefits and it’s all managed online. Browse our vast ...

Merchant Services

With faster turnaround and flexible billing terms, you can get paid faster and serve customers better. We facilitate your business to accept online payments across all major global card schemes and your customers can pay however they want. Contact us for competitive pricing. ...

Managed IT Support Service

Accelerate your digital transformation and gain the ability to operate from edge to cloud with the best IT professionals and IT infrastructure that grows with your business. AGS telecommunication's managed IT services can help you improve your business productivity. ...

Make your communication problem ancient history.

We offer custom business telecommunication solutions with reliable, next-generation technology that offers real opportunities to reduce costs and expand your business. In addition, we are in constant touch, always at the end of the phone or by email when you need us.