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Enable your employees to stay connected, communicate and collaborate effectively using our feature-rich business phone systems and boost their productivity. Whether you need high-performance on site office phone systems or cost effective cloud based business phone systems, we offer you a flexible and reliable solution that integrates messaging, voice calling, conferencing, and applications in a single service at affordable prices.

Transform the way you communicate with our affordable and flexible business phone systems. Whether you want an on-site or cloud based phone system, our experts will help you choose the best solution according to your business requirement. We are Mitel’s one of the largest UK partners and have been working closely with Mitel and Gamma for over 6 years to ensure that our customers have a high quality business phone system. So don’t worry, you are in good hands. Plus, our strong and cost-effective system maintenance packages will help you recover if something goes wrong.

Get the latest and feature loaded desk phones from the world’s leading desk phone manufacturers and experience the next generation of cloud based VoIP calling. Open the gates of your office and work from anywhere while still staying connected with the office and communicate with office mates and partners using mobile connectivity linked to individual business phones offering CRM integration, quick access to call recording, and automated reports.

Hosted Telephone System

Because of the superfast internet availability in almost every part of the UK, everyone uses the cloud for things like saving data online and using online applications, most of us do it without even realizing it! So why should your business communication be different and offline?

With AGS Hosted Phone System, it does not have to be. With our industry leading business VoIP solution, you can enjoy a professional quality phone system that is really easy to set up, does not need high maintenance or servicing cost, and you pay per user for what you use! And it also saves you a fortune and takes the pressure off your IT team. Our hosted phone system solution enables your company to utilize and avail all existing features with increased flexibility and scalability.

Your local administrator can manage and configure your VoIP telephone system quickly and easily using the user-friendly control panel. This means that you will never have to pay for extensions, relocations, or changes to your telephone system again! Your VoIP phone system can be configured easily and quickly using a control panel that is user friendly by your local administrator or anyone with full admin rights to the system in your company.

AGS Telecommunications handles all your call routing and switching, as well as all maintenance and services related to the hosted phone system. This means you can sit back and relax knowing that your hosted phone system is being monitored and maintained by our world-class technical experts and support staff.

On-Site Phone Systems

Accomplishing more with less has become the mantra of many companies. AGS Telecommunications business phone solutions can make it possible by integrating mobility, collaboration, unified messaging, conferencing, voice, applications, and more to allow more active and more productive business communication.

Our on-site phone systems are completely combined communication solutions that give you access to the most advanced features, decrease expenses, and give you total authority. Whether you need call control, messaging, phone management, voicemail, mobility, or insight reports, you can mix and match to create the perfect bespoke solution for your business.

Our easy-to-use on-site phone system solutions are tailored to your specific business requirements and can be integrated into your current customer relationship management system. This gives your employees quick and easy access to features like calling, auto call recording, and call log.

Our comprehensive portfolio of communication solutions has been designed with modern office aesthetics in mind, offering users easy and intuitive access to IP telephony and advanced desktop applications.

With years of experience in the telecommunications industry, AGS Telecommunications is perfectly capable of providing on-site telephone system service and other communication solutions to your business. By maintaining your hardware locally, you are in control of every part of your phone system. Together with you, we will develop a phone system that will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Maintenance And Support

We know your business has to be operational at all times, so our system maintenance covers our wide range of voice systems, computers, and hardware. Whether you need support over the call or need help repairing your connection, we are always at your service.

In the case of failure, our strong and affordable business IT support service ensures that you will be live and working as quickly as possible. We know you can’t afford to stop, so we make sure you are always connected.

An AGS Telecommunications maintenance package gives you the peace of mind that any problems you may have with your business phone system will be resolved quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide range of coverage options to meet your business needs, bank holiday cover included in most plans, critical response times of 2 – 4 hours, options available from specialists at your doorsteps, and 24X7 nationwide technical support services equipped with hundreds of telecom experts.

Our topmost concern is to make sure your business stays up and running. Not only do we maintain your system, but we also continuously advise your company on how it can be upgraded and improved so that you can achieve the best performance, as well as evaluating the new technologies available. We recognize that you need to get the most out of your business phone system and the amount you are paying. That’s the reason all our maintenance packages are paired with our consultative account management service.


Cost Effective

Hosted VoIP phone systems are cost saving for both smaller and large companies. Reduce your operational cost without compromising on quality.


Future proof your business with hosted business VoIP phone systems, as ISDN lines are being phased out and will be switched off within a few years.

Cloud-based Tech

Which sets up easily and requires minimum hardware, that’s Cloud-based VoIP phone system. You just need a high speed internet connection.

Advance Call Tech

Gives access to the smart and most advanced call tracking technology which gives you valuable insights like call activity, details and recordings.


Does your staff travel a lot? VoIP phone systems enable you to answer calls from any location. It’s perfect for remote working and multiple locations.


Grow your business with a hosted VoIP phone system. Easy to increase the number of phone sets with the increasing employees at affordable cost.

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Multiple Choice

If you are looking for a robust on-premise communication system, we have a variety of comprehensive solutions that fulfills requirements of all kinds of business. Or if you want a cloud-based system at an affor

Top Customer Support

We are the UK’s one of largest hosted phone system installation and maintenance providers. Enabled with the largest in-house technical & support team, we can resolve any issues or event of failure with a response time of less than an hour and ensure your business will be back in operation & running as quickly as possible.

Great value

Our hosted VoIP phone system offers the same specifications as a high-end onsite phone system, but without a physical appearance and associated costs. We offer flexible, competitive rates with no expensive setup charges and reasonable monthly calling plans. We can also provide you with the bespoke solutions with easy payment structures according to your needs.

Premium Partnership

We are well connected and have power partnerships with UK biggest providers and are also awarded with the platinum partner status. You can rest assured that your business is getting the feature loaded and best phone systems enabled with advanced & latest technology to help grow your business and increase productivity of your employees.

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Our Business Communication Solutions Are Specially Designed To Improve Your Business Communication System And Increase Your Employees Productivity With The Additional Features Like:

Call Queuing

Call Recording

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Frequently Asked Question


Don’t worry, you’ll get the same level of clarity with a cloud based system as you’re getting with a regular landline. In fact, depending on the internet speed and setup of your phone system you may get even more high definition voice and video clarity.


An on-site system usually has a more expensive up-front cost, as you have to buy the stuff. Though, you can often rent the system to divide the payments. A cloud-based system generally has a small set-up cost but you need to buy headphones. This system runs on monthly rental cost per extension. So, with a big number of users over a long period of time the cost may reach equal to the cost of an on premises system.


Here at AGS Telecommunications we have got a huge network of telecommunication specialists across the UK with years of experience and are happy to assist you to choose, install, or upgrade your business phone system. We are just a call away. Or you can fill up the form (link) and we’ll call you in your least busy hours so you can discuss your ideas & requirements. If needed we’ll visit your premises and suggest you with the recommended actions.

Make your communication problem ancient history.

We offer custom business telecommunication solutions with reliable, next-generation technology that offers real opportunities to reduce costs and expand your business. In addition, we are in constant touch, always at the end of the phone or by email when you need us.