About What is UCaaS?

There is no better way to communicate with employees, clients, and contacts. Today’s business people have to stay connected on different channels and on different devices. Switching between these channels and devices to organize them is often confusing. Especially when some of the team members are on-premises and others are in remote areas. That always costs valuable time.

In quick, it is a solution to all your communication problems. Unified communications solutions enable you to keep all of your communications needs under one roof. Stop wasting valuable time switching between programs and applications. You can do all in one place like make calls using VoIP, video conferencing, fax, and more.

AGS Telecommunications is a trusted provider of unified communications. Our comprehensive solutions help companies stay profitable and highly productive. Our Affordable pricing plans include all the communication features you need. You no longer have to pay separately for business text messages, meetings, instant messaging, or phone lines.

Our cloud-based business Unified Communications solution offers everything your team needs. Your employees can communicate from anywhere, on any device, and through any communication channel. They will also have an intuitive and consistent user interface across all your devices.


Enterprise Communications as a Service:

As a busy professional, you have more work for your time and attention. You need to keep in touch with a wide range of people. This means using voice calls, instant messages, text messages, and emails separately communication is easily fragmented. This can mean that important messages and conversations are overlooked. Here UCaas performs a vital role to avoid this confusion and inefficiency by providing a single communication solution. By letting the one businessperson handle all communications, you always stay on top of all your business needs.

Small Businesses Are Better With Cloud:

As a small business owner, you have many tasks to deal with. Strategic planning, customer acquisition, and more fall on your shoulders. To cope with all of these responsibilities, you need to communicate in many different ways. You most likely have multiple email accounts. Individually you will be responsible for managing phones for work and of other channels. Unified Communications for Small Business is the ultimate problem solution for business owners like you. This opens up a new level of productivity, efficiency and simplifies business action. With the UCaaS solution, you can easily keep your entire communication under control.

SMB Unified Communications:

UCaaS is critical for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Companies can improve efficiency by better organizing communication. Unified communications solutions are inexpensive and effective. Time and money are no longer wasted on lost messages or fragmented communications. For SMEs, a single, low-cost UCaaS solution is better for sustainable and constant growth. Not to mention, it allows them to improve the user experience for their customers.


Reduce Your Operational Costs:

It is expensive to use different tools and platforms from different companies. You'll have a huge bank bill at the end of the month if you pay for conference calls, phone services, and other collaboration tools separately. Unified communications solutions can help you manage costs. A simple and affordable pricing plan will keep costs low and easily keep you up to date. All communication costs are covered by a single provider. Whether it's a large business enterprise or a small office, it's easy to use and inexpensive.

Seamless interoperability and integration:

With Unified Communications, you can meet all your communication needs with a single tool. You no longer need to reschedule appointments, send instant messages, or do VoIP network. You can combine Office functions with software suites from Google and Microsoft. You can schedule appointments through Outlook and Google Calendar through the communication platform. You will be able to add one-click dialing numbers to emails and web pages. You can also integrate professional sales and support apps.

Greater mobility:

Unified Communications as a Service is designed to simplify your business. USaaS ensures that business locations and all team members are always connected. Office's wonderfully intuitive user interface operates on all devices. Work from anyplace, anytime, on any system with a flexible solution that satisfies your business needs.

No Hardware Upgrade Required:

Being a unified communications service provider, we constantly strive to make life easier for our customers. The UCaaS solution gives unmatched functionality and quality. However, it is very easy to set up, operate and use. The platform is hosted in the cloud so getting started is easy. It also means you don't have to worry about upgrading your mobile device or older local hardware.

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Calling and Mobility

Work from anywhere, anytime, on any device with a flexible solution that suits your business

Meetings & Conferencing

Easy planning and implementation of business meetings and video conferences. Get HD video conferencing from any device with a single click or tap.

Team Collaboration

Schedule small group meetings, edit group documents in real-time and share files. Use the UCaaS interface to simplify team management and improve communication.

Easy to Understand and Affordable

Stop paying separately for each of your communication tools. With ASG Telecommunications as your UCaaS provider, you pay a bill every month to access all of your existing tools. It’s a cheaper and easier alternative.

Advanced Administration

Easily track and manage communications. Cloud PBX, call recording, call forwarding, and many other functions make it easy to control.


You don’t have to worry about people stealing your data. Define the roles and authorizations of the various users of the UCaaS platform to maintain control over important information and protect your system.

Frequently Asked Question

UCaaS offers real-time video conferencing, chat, SMS and even contact center functions. UCaaS works over the Internet so you don’t need any additional VoIP equipment to serve your customers. The UCaaS provider is responsible for security, server configuration and telephony functions.
The streamlined nature of Unified Communications keeps your business running smoothly and helps your employees communicate easily with clients and with each other, both in and out of the office. Since the unified solutions are also cloud-based, all your devices can be stored externally.
UCaaS works with the most widely used business conferencing platforms to provide better video conferencing. Some providers offer managed video conferencing services with proactive 24/7 monitoring and control of your video conferencing services. This includes video surveillance of networks and equipment for optimal performance of any platform you are using, eliminating the need for internal expensive IT video support.
No, VoIP is typically just a voice service provider for inbound and outbound calls. But UCaaS is looking for all company communications and sends them via IP or Internet protocols. VoIP is single mode. UCaaS is multimodal: text messaging, chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, video conferencing.
Making a purchase decision for UCaaS requires several considerations compared to on-premises alternatives. Before buying UCaaS, you must keep in mind the following:
  • Compare UCaaS Provider Features
  • Ensure UCaaS Solution is Adaptable
  • Make Sure System is Manageable

Or can talk to our experts to find the most suitable UCaaS according to your business requirements.

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