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The way customers shop today is very different than it was ten years ago. The approach of contactless payment and the rise of online shopping have led retailers around the world to change the way customers experience and to keep up with the growing demands. Using merchant services for your business means more customers and better customer service.

AGS Telecommunications provides a range of merchant services that allow businesses to take payments securely. Whether you want to accept contactless card payments, phone payments, or online, we can help. We have helped thousands of businesses save money, grow and be smarter while accepting payments. Our goal is simple, we aim to help all UK businesses to increase customers and provide a better customer experience. We work with several UK and international merchant banks, which means we get approval from banks faster than any other company.

We have worked with many companies across the UK over the We have a wide range of payment solutions for startups and established companies, from credit card machines to online payment gateways and virtual terminals.

Also, we have payment advisors on hand to understand more about your business and assist you with the best solutions. They will create a bespoke pricing package that works around you. We can also help you comply with PCI to ensure you accept card payments safely.

What we do

We merge cutting-edge technologies and mix them with payment processing to assure our clients can accept card payments quickly and securely at the most fierce rate for their industry and business.

Our Approach

Making a difference in the payment industry and changing the way businesses accept payment was our only goal and we achieved it. Today we are one of the UK's leading independent payment processing providers. We will endure at the forefront of change and ensure you can increase your profitability by making secure payments in the UK.

Our Mission

To ensure that our customers receive electronic payments easily and securely, in order to minimize the cost of processing card payments and thus maximize profits. Enable small business for accepting online card payment or any other type of modern payment process with great customer service is are mission.

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Unlock a healthier cash flow with different payment methods

Card Payment

Customer experience is indispensable to any business; being able to provide every single customer with an exceptionally fast and secure payment option can transform your business. We provide you with a different range of card machines that allow you to quickly and securely accept card payments from customers. By using Card Machines, you will be able to provide the high level of customer service that consumers expect from any business.

Some Benefits of Using Card Payment:

  • Reduce waiting times online: fast card payments
  • Less cash on-site: reduces risk and increases safety
  • Encourage sales: This can help encourage customers to buy, as customers may not have the money.

Some Benefits of Using Online Payment:

  • Easy and Secure: Pay online using a fast and secure payment process.
  • Cash flow: Online payments mean healthier cash flow.
  • Trusted Solutions: It’s easy to reassure your customers that their money is safe.

Online Payment:

Super-fast business broadband refers to any broadband service that offers speeds of 30 Mbps or more. The highYour website is your best salesman that’s what everyone assumes. And it’s true. It’s open 24/7. It’s the most dedicated seller in your business, so why not make it more efficient? Getting payment online is an excellent way to get paid faster and offer your customers a more convenient way of payment for your service and products. Start processing card payments online through a secure payment gateway to securely receive payments from your customers.

Phone Payment:

OGrow your business by giving your customers opportunity to pay directly over the phone. Taking online or card payments over the phone is an easy, quick, and secure procedure. Giving customers the option of paying via a mobile card reader or over the phone means your business is evolving with the ever-changing consumer demands. Some customers will abhor the faff invoicing and bank transfers, so phone payments give a fast and painless payment experience.

Some Benefits of Using Phone Payment:

  • Quick Access: Quick access to funds means you receive fast payment for your goods or services.
  • Healthy Cash Flow: As a trader, you get paid quickly. Phone payments are a great way to ensure that your cash flow stays healthy.

Some Benefits of Using EPOS:

  • Accept Major Credit Cards: Accept card payments from all major credit and debit card processing providers.
  • Detailed Sales Analysis & Reports: Get access to accurate reports and real-time analysis of all transactions and inventory.

EPOS System:

Say goodbye to manual tracking of card transactions, start processing payments faster, generate accurate sales reports, and improve the customer experience. If your business still relies on traditional paper-based management for staff shifts, inventory, and overall business performance, you could benefit from an EPOS system. You can also gain insights into your business, increase profits, and run your business more efficiently.

We Put You First, Always

Specialists right on your doorstep

Our Specialized Payment consultants identify your business working ways and industry standards and offer you the perfect customized pricing package that is right for you.

Short and simple 12 month contract

Easy planning and implementation of business meetings and video conferences. Get HD video conferencing from any device with a single click or tap.

Personalized packages to suit you

Every business has its requirements and that’s why one size does not fill for all. Here we always create you a card acceptance package that’s built to measure.

Easy & Reliable Onboarding Process

We have a fast and secure onboarding process. A dedicated account manager collects your needs and provides the best internal solution for your business.

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Frequently Asked Question

If your business doesn’t process credit and debit card transactions, you will lose revenue. If your business obtains merchant services, you can start accepting payments from your customers whether they prefer electronic payments, direct debit, or credit payments. Hence, you are not limited to accepting cash only.
The best merchant service provider depends on your company and how it works. Ask us for a quote and compare it to other corporate service providers to find the best offer for you.
Absolutely. To accept any type of credit or debit card payment, your business needs a special merchant account to process these transactions.
Mostly maximum types of businesses can qualify for a merchant account. The application process may vary depending on the type of business and the risk involved from credit card networks.

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