Information Technology always ensures to make your professional life more productive but it doesn’t always deliver. Whenever a small IT issue gets in between the wheels of your smoothly running business things can start to get tough. Our managed IT services and support can handle all that. We can keep the issues away from your smoothly running business by acting as an outsourced IT department that supports your whole company or assisting your IT department while they do the same.

Usually, with the range of devices across multiple locations, IT issues and the cost of setting up new hardware can be a real pain. For this reason, we offer a range of IT services to meet your needs that include Managed Security, Managed Hosting, Desktop as a Service, Identity & Access Management, and Managed Network.

With years of experience in supporting the IT and telecommunication industry, AGS Telecommunication is ideally known to help you utilize the full advantages of the latest technologies, enhancing your customer assistance and decreasing operational costs. You get proactive and dynamic support across your whole IT infrastructure with our Managed IT Service. Our constant and customized solutions are unique & ideal for all business types as we remain flexible and don’t bind you down in a long-term contract and provide you the hassle-free payment options. We know technology changes and the way of doing business also changes with time, so your solutions need to change with you.

Virtual IT Manager

AGS Telecommunications offers IT Managed Services which take the entire burden of IT out of your shoulder to our IT experts. By outsourcing our IT professionals it enables you to create a replica of your on-premises support team and IT manager which allows you and your team to focus on the main core values of business and do things that are more important while knowing that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands. Our IT managed service can be executed in different stages to fulfill your business requirements and at an affordable costing. AGS Telecommunications professional, effective, and powerful solutions offer advantages such as budget optimization, control management and business flow outlining all the basic rules needed for flourishing business growth.

IT Support

IT issues are analyzed and fixed by our IT support department equipped with high end professionals and experts, so that you, your crew, and resources can focus on boosting business revenue and internal processes that present you with the real business value. AGS Telecommunications offers a complete IT service package that provides assistance, monitoring, security, and management of IT systems, with the experience to resolve issues quickly and remotely. At AGS, you benefit from the support and advice of experts with years of expertise in the industry. And outsourcing the administration of your IT infrastructure can also reduce your business operating costs and increase your productivity.
Remote support and On-site support are the two main divided sections of IT Support services. Remote assistance is executed through remote work spaces (taking remote access to your system) or by telephonic conversations. Collectively, these two methods are essential for diagnosing and solving any computer problem that may arise. On-site support is a first-hand assessment of the problem and the professional's ability to solve problems.

Breakage Repairing

This type of IT service includes the services like fixing or replacing the broken parts, upgrading the old hardware system, repairing the IT hardware, installation of the system, parts, external networks, and software. Firstly, the analysis is done by the IT experts to diagnose the core issue in the system responsible for poor performance or shut down in a controlled environment to assure a professional, reliable, and safe quality of work. A private network is used to block viruses or malware from infecting other systems. A range of high-quality tools and equipment are available to guarantee that the procedure is performed as efficiently as possible.

Components Of Our IT Managed Services

Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Designing

IT Infrastructure Analysis

Cloud Migration & Usage Optimization

Cyber Security

IT Help Desk


Single point of contact

We act as your own internal technical support team, interacting directly with third-party technology providers. Because we know the complexities of every technology we use to manage your system, you can reach out to us for all your IT needs.

Reduction In Total Cost of Ownership

Implementing IT best practices based on industry standards lowers the total cost of ownership and avoids downtime for your entire IT infrastructure. With maximum network availability, you have every opportunity to expand your business and maintain existing relationships.

Quick Response Time

Our systems can provide on-site support without prior notice. Since our managed services professionals are on the move, we react quickly to your network requirements and ensure that your IT infrastructure is running at top performance.

Continuous Infrastructure Auditing

With our managed services, we examine your business’s IT infrastructure for new technologies, risks, and future requirements. This gives you absolute peace of mind that your network is operating as efficiently as some of the largest business-owned networks.

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Frequently Asked Question

Managed IT services are not a remedy for reducing IT costs, but you can save money by looking in the right places. They may offer savings for your current state, but offer even more when you look at your desired IT state. They provide a risk-free platform and eliminate “bulky” increases in your opex or capex. They allow you and your team to focus on the most important business challenges. An effective managed service provider can help transform your IT platform and routines.
Not all managed IT service providers offer the same features and services. Some offer basic telephony and cloud services, while others don’t offer full service if something goes wrong. Some are responsive and respond when things go wrong, others will take a more proactive approach to identify potential difficulties before they arise. Get in touch with our experts to find out the right one according to your business requirements.
Managed service provider works with two types of business services. First, there is a tech support repair service where IT managed service provider sends one of its tech to the business site to resolve the problem. The service provider charges the company for the number of hours the technician spent solving the problem and the parts that were used to repair the problem. The second common service model is the subscription type. The company pays IT managed service provider a standard monthly fee for network maintenance. If something breaks during the subscription period, managed service provider will send you free technician to fix the problem as it is covered by the company’s monthly fee. Payment schemes for this model typically involve hourly charges for your computer or device.

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