Bespoke Calls and Lines Solutions For Business: With A Brilliant Customer Services

In today’s world technology is constantly evolving, no matter how we choose to do it but making and receiving calls to connect with our co-workers, customers and partners remain more important than ever. We also understand that as a business it is necessary to be able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. Whether you are a growing company or an established business, we offer scalable solutions tailored to your specific needs. AGS Telecommunications offers easy to understand phone lines and packages with affordable call routing options, highly competitive rates, excellent customer service, and account management.

With our years of experience, we have built close relationships with some of the UK’s largest suppliers which means we can cut across the market to bring you the best, affordable and most beneficial solutions for your business. We guarantee flexibility and business continuation while you switch to the higher quality phone lines for your business premises with AGS Telecommunications.

Seamless Bundles, Tailored Just For You

At AGS Telecommunications, we know that there are no two companies that hold the same communication needs. For this reason, we do not offer a standard solution but create a tailor made business line and telephone package that meets your specific business requirements. By working alongside you and your team to completely grasp your business communication, we can select and combine only the best products and services to create your perfect calling and line package. Right from the start, you will be assigned your own dedicated account manager to oversee the solution and make sure it works now and as your business grows.

Immediate Scalability & Increased Resilience

AGS Telecommunications can transmit and install Analog / PSTN, multiple and digital lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30. We offer scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes so your business can benefit from increased telephony resilience, out-of-the-box scalability, and industry-leading calling plans. As telecommunications experts, we have delivered phone lines for businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to large organizations. All whilst lowering rates and delivering a cutting-edge servic

Professional Service & Expert Advice

Our multi-service concept means we have access to some of the best calling and line packages in the UK. AGS Telecommunications has a premium partnership with the UK’s largest carriers, so we can offer the best packages available on the market for your business according to your requirements. In the unlikely event of a failure, our dedicated customer relationship manager, customer service and support team will work closely with your line provider to get your business to recover and operate as quickly as possible. If you select us, a dedicated personal account manager will be appointed for you, who will regularly check and monitors the solution to make sure you are making the most of your calling and routing packages.


Business SIP Trunking

Drop your outdated PSTN & ISDN services and switch to a simple & inexpensive alternative i.e. SIP Trunking. If you want to continue using the services of your existing PBX, then SIP Trunking is the ideal solution. Don’t leave it for the last minute decision, future proof your business today.

Single Lines & Calls Packages

At AGS Telecommunications, we value your money that’s why we have designed our business lines and calls packages with great flexibility as we know different businesses have different requirements. With the value for your money, we also provide you with exceptional support and customer service.

Maintenance Packages

Whether your phone system needs maintenance or is broken & need to be fixed, AGS Telecommunications highly professional and economical maintenance packages assist you quickly back on track with the response time of less than 1 hour and start operations if anything goes incorrect.

Inbound Business Numbers

Making it simple for customers to call you and routing calls to the right department are important factors for high-grade customer service and closing sales instantly. Memorable phone numbers can help you and can maximize your customer retention. With our services, you get much more than just a number.

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Key Benefits

Low-Cost Calls

Business telephone lines are routed through our company network. Save up to 77% on calls to landlines and mobile networks compared to leading UK network providers.

Free Line Installation

We offer FREE line installations on our business phone lines just to help you get started. Enquire today with our expert to find out if you are eligible.

Account Management

We award dedicated account management on all of our business landlines only deals. We give you the guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of service at all times.

UK Based Sales And Support

Our office is all based in London and manages accounts across the UK. From sale to install and aftercare on your phone lines and calls our experts are always available.

Lines & Calls Goes Great With


To assure your business gets the most out of our business SIP trunk and other business lines and calls solutions, you must have the correct type of Internet connection i.e. high speed and stable network. At AGS Telecommunications we offer a full range of business grade broadband and fibre optic options as well as dedicated Ethernet connectivity. We and our team of experts will work with you to suggest the best option based on your business requirements.

Business Continuity

We have business continuity solutions for internet connectivity & people retrieval to keep your employees connected with customers. Our availability services keep your business resilient, available, & recoverable at every stage of your digital journey. Not only do we provide industry leading business continuity, but we always add value to your business too. This flexibility is built into our services which mean that you can handle peak demand, staff training & testing, new technology development and so on.


Enjoy benefit from huge cost savings with free intersite calls and connections on business phones. At AGS Telecommunication, we offer solutions for Mobile Device Management (MDM). We can provide you with feature loaded mobile phones with the latest technology. With our business mobile services, we help you to protect your company data by allowing you to remotely install security features across your entire fleet and work while you are on a move.

Workplace Computing

Leverage our procuring power to save maximum on your IT and communications budget by implementing and installing inexpensive hardware and software for your users. AGS Telecommunications can provide you with simple, low-cost, end to end managed product supply from ordering to installation, including laptops, desktops and printers, to desktop services, a range of servers, hardware, configuration and lifecycle services and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Question

What can I do to ensure I never miss a call?

We offer a range of services to overlay on top of your phone line or SIP service to make sure you don’t miss a call. You might consider turning on voicemail services, call forwarding to route your calls to your cell phone, we can even block calls from callers from withheld numbers to make sure your lines are not tied up with annoying calls.

How can I reduce my lines and calls costs?

AGS Telecommunications offers a range of products from which you can benefit financially when purchasing them together. Transfer your business connections as well as your business mobile phones to us and benefit from low cost. We also offer inclusive calling to local, national and UK cell phones through our various telephony solutions. Contact our experts for more information.

What is the cost of installing a phone line?

The official cost of a line installation is approximately £140, but for different networks it may vary. AGS Telecommunications offers easy to understand phone lines and packages with affordable call routing options, highly competitive rates, excellent customer service, and account management. Contact us for more details

Should I choose ISDN or SIP?

While ISDN remains a supported, secure, and interoperable telephony solution, you are limited to local phone numbers, and if you intend to install it, the cost can be quite high compared to cloud-hosted SIP products. At AGS Telecommunications, we give you the right connectivity you need to support SIP telephone lines, so you can upgrade to VoIP while retaining all ISDN functionality. For more information, please contact our specialists.

Make your communication problem ancient history.

We offer custom business telecommunication solutions with reliable, next-generation technology that offers real opportunities to reduce costs and expand your business. In addition, we are in constant touch, always at the end of the phone or by email when you need us.