CCTV systems are the most popular and cost-effective way to protect your business from thieves. It helps to protect individual and vulnerable workers, monitoring health and safety concerns, detecting antisocial behavior, and keeping track of visitors and customers. It also provides you a peace of mind to work from anywhere because you don’t have to worry about what is going on in the office anymore. It allows you to track everything live through your mobile and in your computer system which increases your security measurement.

Our highly trained team designs, installs, maintains a wide variety of commercial CCTV systems using the latest & advanced technologies such as fully functional high-resolution IP cameras and IP infrared thermal imaging technology. It allows you to remotely monitor locations of any size 24/7 with the Certified Alarm Receiving Center. Our wide range of advanced CCTV surveillance systems act alone or as part of an integrated security solution. We only use quality accessories from top-notch manufacturers like Hik Vision, FLIR, and Dahua Technology also each installation is designed to work seamlessly with all other security measures to create a complete solution.

CCTV Installation Services

Protect your office with an advanced 5 MP video surveillance system that monitors your building around the clock and synchronizes your recorded data with 4 TB of storage space. Choose an on-site inspection to get the best video surveillance package for your business, no matter the size of your business space.

At AGS Telecommunications, We design, install and maintain the latest video surveillance technology designed to prevent people from negatively targeting your company, your assets, and your employees. Our CCTV security equipment uses the latest technology to capture and record high-resolution images of your premises 24X7.

We offer a bespoke CCTV camera solution designed to meet your individual needs, of any size or complexity. We supply all types of cameras to ensure that the installation captures the correct image required by the client. Tell us what your security system needs and you will find the perfect solution.

Our CCTV installation technicians have many years of expertise commissioning security camera systems across an extensive range of industry sectors. We focus on providing cost-effective solutions with world-class service that meet and exceed customer expectations.

CCTV Maintenance Services

Prevention is better than cure, and frequent monitoring of the CCTV system can keep the camera going well for a long time. Maintaining a CCTV system is essential to avoid premature failure, which could ultimately make the organization site vulnerable and lead to significant replacement costs.

We recommend that you should maintain your CCTV systems every year to ensure optimal performance. Even if the system appears to be working well, the checks and measures included in the service allow potential problems to be identified early and the system receives all the necessary optimizations and a good cleaning to keep it working well.

At AGS Telecommunications, We will start with small changes that require cleaning and adjustments to the camera and its lenses for the best video quality. Our highly qualified technicians will perform an annual system check so that you can be sure that the system of your choice is working optimally. Our engineers test and inspect equipment to ensure that all items meet current standards and function as efficiently as possible. This means the system is less likely to cause major problems in the future.

CCTV Repair And Upgradation Services

CCTV systems can malfunction for several reasons. Weather conditions can cause camera interruptions, loose connections, cable problems, power surges, and general wear and tear. Whatever the problem, an engineer who knows what exactly needs to be done must fix it quickly. At AGS Telecommunications, we provide both repair and up-gradation services. Firstly our CCTV engineers will thoroughly check out the camera functionality which includes the camera lenses, cabling, video quality, and programming. After checking all the functionality, we will go through the repair services. Our experts use the special equipment that allows us to find out the exact problem within your CCTV system.

All of our engineers are security industry experts and thieves don’t just wait until repairs are done, which is why we place a variety of parts, equipment and service kits in our vans to ensure that fixes are done efficiently and quickly without any delay.

Our team is very professional in upgrading the existing CCTV systems also. We understand the investment you have made in the security of your site and can upgrade and maintain existing commercial CCTV systems if you wish to extend their useful life. Alternatively, we can offer a modular solution to upgrade your system to target areas that would benefit most from higher resolution images.


Wireless CCTV Cameras

Wireless cameras are exactly that “wireless”. They provide great placement flexibility and are much faster and easier to install. They adapt to most environmental conditions, at places such as manors, museums, and churches where cables would be unsightly.

Day/Night CCTV Cameras

Day/night CCTV cameras can record clear video images in different lighting conditions and in the dark. The day/night camera is more suitable for outdoor applications and can work with glare, direct sunlight, reflections, and strong backlighting.

Dome CCTV Cameras

These are one of the common traditional types suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. They are ideal for deterring crime as intruders cannot easily tell in which direction the camera is facing. Speed dome cameras are also available which allow the operator to quickly pan, tilt, & zoom so they can better focus on specific thing or events.

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

C-mount CCTV cameras have detachable lenses, which means they can be configured for different uses. Standard CCTV camera lenses can generally only cover distances between 35 and 40 feet. However, a C-mount CCTV camera can cover distances greater than 40 feet by installing special lenses.

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Why Choose CCTV Services From Us

Great Service

ASG Telecommunications has provided professional CCTV facilities to businesses and organizations in the UK for over 6 years. Whether it is local government, central government, or a private sector company, we have the experience to provide you with exceptional and reliable security solutions that meet your business needs.


We focus on providing cost-effective solutions with world-class service that meets and fulfils customer’s expectations. Our team of planners and installers has years of expertise delivering solutions to a large-scale variety of industries, from small to large corporations and organizations at affordable prices.

Bespoke solution

From your initial discussion to our on-site risk assessment and beyond, we will work with you to recommend a bespoke solution that suits your needs and budget to protect your facility from day one. Whether you need a temporary CCTV rental or a blend of our security services, our team will work with you to define the combination of services that will provide maximum protection within your budget.

Latest Technology

The wireless aspect of the camera at the base station can suffer from vibrations and can be blocked by metal in thick walls and structures. Our advanced CCTV systems and network capabilities ensure this doesn’t happen. Any IP-enabled device can be hacked regardless of whether it is wired or wireless. Our CCTV installation services always cover the latest encryption protection.

Frequently Asked Question

Our CCTV security camera systems provide a wide variety of budgets. CCTV cameras typically cost between £100 to around £6,000 approximately. We discuss your needs to understand what is required and present recommendations based on needs and budget prior to any CCTV camera installation project. We provide ongoing maintenance and support as well as hardware, software, and installation to support our customers throughout the life of the system.
In our CCTV surveillance station, all data formats (including video material) are stored in accordance with the GDPR. The GDPR tunes data protection across Europe and ensures that all your data is safe. For more details, talk to our sales consultants or read the terms and conditions on our website.
CCTV installation generally does not require a permit unless your property is listed as a heritage property (you need the heritage permit) or if you rent it (you need to get permission from the building owner).

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