About Business Mobile Services

Smartphones are part of everyday life and can now also be an integral part of your professional life. Work is no longer restricted to the office, and our mobile business services allow your employees to work from anywhere. As the UK’s largest independent telecom services provider, we offer affordable business mobile phone tariffs ranging from SIM only to flexible data-sharing plans. Our strong connections with Vodafone & O2 guarantee you great business mobile deals with the latest phones.

Take advantage of our business mobile services with unique & personalized rates and find a deal that works best for you and your business. Our unmatched knowledge of the industry, combined with our prestigious network relationships, allows us to not only offer the most affordable & competitive rates on the market but also provide the necessary support to ensure that your contract is the right one for your business and suits your business requirements.

As an experienced business mobile provider, AGS Telecommunications offers the right networks, tariffs, rates, and latest phones to help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently and get the best possible value. You can save money by sharing your data with select & share or by introducing highly specialized mobile phones with our mobile phone rental service and ensuring you have full control over all the devices in your business with a personalized mobile phone management plan.

We also offer a range of additional communications and technology solutions that give you a complete unified communication system that brings all of your communications needs under one roof.

Choose A Network To Suit You

Firstly our account managers review the coverage of the networks in your business area. While picking business mobile phones and tariffs for your company, we can provide recommendations & guidance so that you can choose the best network coverage for your use. To provide you with the best deal, we work closely with all the network providers so we can help you find the right communication solution and business mobile deals according to your business requirements.

Find The Right Handset

We offer a wide range of phones, from strong & tough phones to the most advanced & high specifications mobiles in the market. We can provide you with low end and high end business mobile phones to meet your specific business requirements. Whether your requirement of business mobiles is for your security team or ideal for your remote work interview and conference call, we will find the right business mobile phone for your business.

Select Best Business Mobile Deals

We offer you the best business mobile deals with unique network level discounts on business mobile solutions for cost effective & unparalleled flexibility by working closely with our premium partners. For effective and efficient communication systems and business mobiles, the cost can be a big factor. That’s the reason we make sure we can provide you with the best offers and discounts according to your business needs.

Why Choose Us

Customer Support

All of our clients get a dedicated account manager for their services and handling their queries and also have access to our friendly UK based customer support team. We have the largest business to business mobile base that’s the reason we are proud that our clients rate us 4.7 on Trustpilot and 4.3 on google reviews.

Network Choice

Whether you prefer Vodafone, O2, or EE, including 5G services, we have a variety of plans and tariffs customized to your place of work and regional coverage. In addition, unlike most telecommunication service providers, we can combine several tariffs from different networks on one bill, which makes your life easier.

Great Value

As an independent telecom service provider, we are equipped with the latest feature loaded mobile, tablets, & accessories and can provide you all the latest communication system according to your needs. Combined with our unique business contracts, we present you with the most competitive prices on the market.

Custom Services

Whatever your communication needs are, we can build custom solution contracts that suit your business needs at affordable prices. Whether it’s a flexible payment option for your business mobile rental or for network tariff plans, we can assure you, we are big enough to deliver any telecom needs & small enough to care.

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Feature loaded Business Mobile Phones

Need mobile phone and tariff deals to improve your business communications? AGS Telecommunication offers the latest mobile headsets with all features and specifications.

  • Latest Apple and Samsung mobile phones: iphone 12 pro, iphone 11, iphone 11 pro, Galaxy S20, S20+, S10+, Note series.
  • 2 year warranty on all mobile phones.
  • Next day delivery on your door step on new business mobile order above 10 headsets.
  • Get mobile device assistance from our telecom experts team.

Customer Friendly Business Mobile Contracts

Business mobile contracts are much better than normal customer contract because of the below stated reasons

  • Access to an online invoice management portal with reports.
  • Dedicated account manager for your all communications solution needs and queries.
  • Ease your life with a single tailored invoice for all the services.
  • You can claim back your VAT as it is a legitimate business expense.
  • Get alerts and spending cap features.

Switching is easy

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    Choose your broadband

    Pick from a great range of package and features

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    Choose your broadband

    Pick from a great range of package and features

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    Choose your broadband

    Pick from a great range of package and features

Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to still keep our same business mobile number if we switch to another network provider?

Yes. As long as you don’t have a contract, you can switch network providers and still continue with the same number. It’s absolutely free, we only ask you to request your PAC (Portability Authorization Code) code from your current network provider. Once you provide us with the PAC code, we will do the rest and you can sit back and relax. Remember that the PAC code is only valid for 30 days. So please make sure to provide it to us in time.

How do I get my PAC code?

There are many different ways to get your PAC code. If you have an online account with your current network provider, you can get one over the Internet. You can also call your current network directly, It usually takes around 48 hours to receive it. If you wish, you can call our business telecom experts and they will explain the procedure to you.

What if I go over my data, minutes, or texts?

When you choose AGS Telecommunications business mobile services, you get online access to our online account management portal. From there, you can set mobile billing limits and add caps so that we can text you when you are approaching your limit. It is a great help if you want to avoid the big bill amounts.

Make your communication problem ancient history.

We offer custom business telecommunication solutions with reliable, next-generation technology that offers real opportunities to reduce costs and expand your business. In addition, we are in constant touch, always at the end of the phone or by email when you need us.