4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Legacy Phone System

Telecommunications is still an integral part of every business life. In this new era, communications take place over the phone, email, SMS, conferences, video chat, and social media; it’s scary to imagine being limited to simple voice telephone systems. Whether it is keeping in touch with colleagues in other locations or maintaining a support center to ensure customers get the help and support they need quickly. Office Phone systems continue to play an important role.

Many businesses are still confused to upgrade legacy communications and are still facing the costly challenges of maintaining traditional old phone systems.

But for them, it may be a part of their business that they haven’t updated in a long time. And if you’re one of those who still rely on the same copper-based phone systems that have been around for many years or even decades, now is the time to upgrade.

New technologies have different names that might sound strange to beginners, such as VoIP, Unified Communications (UC), cloud phone systems, and hosted PBXs. but as always, new technologies have to learn a lot of new languages, but the basic features and benefits are the same.

Let’s discuss the 4 main reasons why you should consider upgrading from a legacy phone system:

  1. Upgrading Provides Greater Flexibility And Control:

Agility is the watchword of modern business methods. With more real-time media growth, business conditions can change quickly and you need to be able to adapt just as quickly. Legacy phone systems are known to be expensive to replace and upgrade, but most VoIP solutions do not have this problem. With existing telephone systems, it is often not possible to add users per seat as your business grows. This may require you to choose between the high cost of adding extensions for employees or frustrating your customers by sticking to a communication system that has too few lines to handle the large volume of incoming calls. If you want to upgrade & buy carefully, you can find a provider that offers a 30-day perpetual contract and the ability to scale as needed.

Another aspect of this increased flexibility is that your employees will find they are no longer tied to their desk phones. Thanks to the modern VoIP system, your employees can take their internal PBX with them, whether they are on the road, at work, or in the home office. And, of course, the same functionality makes remote work painless.

  1. Legacy Phone System Is Holding Back Your Growth:

For many businesses, one of the biggest problems with legacy business phone systems is that they provide a lack of scalability and flexibility. For example, if you move or open a new office, legacy systems can be complex and expensive to scale and move.

When it comes to increasing capacity, you may also find that your options are limited. As your business grows, it is often impossible to simply add users to your workplace. This can leave you between the high cost of adding extensions or frustrating your customers with a solution that has too few lines to handle the call volume.

  1. Upgrading Helps You Save Money:

One of the most obvious advantages that you will see when switching to a VoIP solution is an immediate reduction in both service fees and call costs. The rates for the calls themselves are much cheaper, especially for international purposes, and there are providers that charge with a clear minute rate, which is charged per second. Low rates and transparent per-second billing usually significantly reduce your phone bills. In addition, your monthly service fee will be significantly reduced simply due to the fact that VoIP technology is cheaper to implement than your old PBX. When you finally sign up for a hosted or cloud-based communication solution, you will never have to spend extra money to upgrade to the latest version, as cloud solutions manage the upgrade cycle for you.

  1. Older Phone System Is Harming Your Productivity:

A fourth major problem is how it affects your efficiency. For instance, if more and more employees want to work from home on a regular basis, you need a business telecommunication solution that is easy to find and move anywhere. When employees spend time on complex redirection processes or even have to resort to other solutions to keep in touch, it is a waste of time and work.

Elsewhere, older systems often don’t give you a complete overview of their activities. If you lack basic analytics and reporting capabilities, you lack the necessary understanding of what parts of your business are doing well and where you need improvement. So you don’t know anything when it comes to strategic planning, training, or future updates.

Why the Precise Expertise Matters:

Anyone can buy or sell a business phone system in UK. It’s another matter to choose the right system for your business and make it do what you want it to do. This requires the collaboration of data and telecommunication experts. What features do you need? Would it make more sense to have an on-premises or cloud system? Will your infrastructure support the new system? How do you protect your data?


It’s time to upgrade to a new business phone system that gives you scalability, flexibility, and reliability with loaded features and at affordable prices to meet your requirements and grow your business. It enables you to work from anywhere, change the way your business work, and let you stay in touch with your customers, employees, and partners.


Once you’ve upgraded your business phone system, you won’t look back.


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