Keep Your Businesses Running With Unified Communications

Nothing can cost a business more than downtime. The recent news about the corona virus has raised concerns among companies and how to continue operating during any period of self-isolation. Many other factors can provide to your business not running smoothly. Excessive weather situations and damage to vulnerable legacy technology can also furnish your office down. Emergency planning for such scenarios is an indispensable part of growing a strong and future-proof business.

The development of VoIP telecommunications services that direct calls over the Internet via a data transmission channel, as well as the emergence of virtual conferencing and collaboration tools have provided companies with the opportunity to decentralize telecommunications. VoIP solutions such as Hosted Horizon mean that business users can expect to leave in the event of property damage or anything else interfering with the normal operation of the office. For example, let’s assume that employees can get to a place with internet access, a laptop or smartphone is enough to make and receive calls, and the right collaboration tool ensures that scheduled meetings and projects run smoothly. Although no system is completely protected from accidental errors, one of the main advantages of unified communications is how flexible your workplace can be.

So the question arises: Does your company heavily rely on the telephone system to keep it running smoothly? You are not alone.

The problem is that many companies still use old traditional landline and email methods as the means of communication in businesses. However, if your employees can only be communicated/reached from your offices, you could lose a lot of opportunities in business.

We are one of the best telecommunication service providers in UK and we know, if calls are part of your daily life your business can benefit from a Unified Communications (UC) system.

What is Unified Communications?

What do you imagine when you think about “unifying” your company’s communication channels? Unified Communications is the concept for integrating all of your communications channels in your company such as instant messaging/chat, voice-over telephone, video conferencing, or email and text messaging.

How does it work?

Unified Communications allows agents to send messages from one medium while the same communication is being converted to another. For example, companies with Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities can route office phone lines to any device. While traveling, employees can use their mobile phones to make business calls, but they seem to come from their office numbers. Or you can post the voice messages left on your office phone and allow them to send as SMS to employees who are not in the office.

As you can see, Unified Communication does not necessarily incorporate all of these methods into a single product, but rather provides a consistent user interface and experience across all devices and media types.

Let’s discuss some benefits of using Unified Communication solutions for your business:

  1. Saving Time

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using Unified Communication is saving time for your company. Many customers expect quick answers, and if someone waits for hours to call back or wait for a response, it means losing business.

Unified communications not only allows your employees to receive messages from their workplaces, but integration also gives them flexibility in how the message is transmitted and how they respond.

Your colleague can choose to send a notification directly to their phone as a text message rather than another email lost in their inbox. Then they can instantly reply via SMS or chat. Many customers prefer IM over phone call, which saves time for both parties. According to Inc. Magazine, more than half of consumers expect the business to be available all day & every day.

  1. Increasing Productivity

Many Unified Communication systems store records or streams in the cloud for later access.

Employees can download an app that keeps track of all messages. So each interaction can be monitored and tracked to assess performance, something that traditional phone systems can’t.

This technology is not limited to your mobile phone. Turn any desktop or laptop into an office phone with our easy-to-use app.

Executives not only have access to logged calls, such as call times and hours per employee, but the application also documents when a follow-up message is sent to the customer. By monitoring these points of contact, both managers and employees can track which forms of communication have worked well and where improvements can be made.

  1. Flexibility

Unified Communications enables employees to work more efficiently, but also where they want or need to be. You can connect to a landline desk phone, or use apps on laptops and smartphones to connect to your company’s cloud phone system. The ability to work remotely without the use of specialized IT tools gives workers and employers the freedom and flexibility to address any challenges that interfere with the normal operation of the company.

  1. Cost Savings

Many people think that new technologies mean higher prices. However, this does not apply to unified communications. For most businesses, moving away from traditional telephony systems can result in significant savings in telephony costs. You no longer need expensive ISDN lines or unused line charges. The expensive maintenance costs associated with traditional PBX systems are a thing of the past.

Why AGS Telecommunications could be your ideal communications partner

We practice what we preach. We provide the best business telecom services in UK. All our employees are able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. We understand the challenges of corporate resilience during a potential COVID-19 outbreak and can advise companies interested in learning more about working from home and telecommuting.

What we do:

  1. Talk to you about the benefits of securing the future of your business with a business continuity plan.
  2. Teach how Unified Communications can improve productivity.
  3. Offer a service that is fully responsive and supports your Agile goals.
  4. Offer truly affordable telecommunication solutions now and in the future.

Our experienced consultants can help you seamlessly switch from traditional on-site PBX phone systems to a comprehensive VoIP solution along with Office 365 and collaboration tools.

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Make your communication problem ancient history.

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