Why choosing the right business broadband is crucial for small businesses

Back then, the UK government planned to invest over £1 billion to upgrade broadband connections across the country. The investment aimed to provide 95% of the UK with fast broadband coverage by end of 2017. Adequate broadband connections have become one of the means to promote business growth, and fast and reliable connections are essential in today’s global commercial market. That need for investment raises the question: is the level of broadband services sufficient?

If you are starting a small business or looking to upgrade your existing broadband, there are a few things to consider before signing up. First, you must choose the appropriate bandwidth for your needs. There are a variety of connection types for businesses in the market, and your business needs to understand all of them so that you can make the right decision based on your requirements. Notable variables include the number of users logging in from your location and whether you upload or download more information.

Having a fast, reliable and high-speed internet connection is essential for today’s businesses – sending an email to run your eCommerce website requires an internet connection. Over the past decade, a growing number of business programs, tools, and services have become accessible online through cloud computing. As a result, your business is now more reliant on a high-speed Internet connection than ever before.

83% of companies even consider that communication services are essential for their business. But surprisingly, many companies use a standard residential connector for a basic part of their business to save money, so they don’t necessarily have to choose the right Internet connection for their business.

So how can you get the right business broadband service for your company? How big should your business be before making an online purchase? How much speed do you also need and how much does it cost? This guide will tell you what to look for to get the most out of your investment.

Do I need a professional and commercial Internet connection?

Residential broadband can work well for a small home e-commerce store. However, if you only receive a few emails a day, you don’t have to settle for a super fast 1 Gbps fibre internet connection. However, a full service business with a large number of customers will likely need more scalable and reliable business broadband Internet.

The most important questions for you are:

  • How many users will there be in the office?
  • Would you like to offer your visitors free WiFi?
  • What applications will your users use the connection for?
  • How many connection failures can you make up for? If you didn’t have broadband for a day, how would that affect your business? How about a week?

 The answers to the questions above will help you determine if your company needs a high speed business broadband connection for your office premises. Most importantly, it will help you determine the type of packages that will work for your business.

Most companies choose to switch to commercial broadband due to its reliability and speed. This is the need for more support and service, as well as the higher bandwidth and speed requirements that commercial broadband packages often provide.

A business broadband package has several benefits and is certainly worth the additional advanced service.

Read on to learn how your business can take advantage of Business Broadband Services.

How can my company benefit from Business Broadband?

Higher Speed

The way we interact with the internet has evolved. For example, we used to think about the download speed of a movie or the loading speed of a website. In addition, these activities mainly depended on decent download speeds for acceptable performance. However, with the growth of cloud computing, the need to store files online has increased, which also raised the importance of having a good download speed.

More importantly, for businesses, the most critical software certainly requires acceptable upload and download speeds in order for certain features to work properly. In general, faster download speeds mean that it is easier to access working documents, download files, and synchronize data. As a result, a business internet plan helps to avoid slowing down by providing reasonable upload and download speeds.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Every company that relies on internet connection certainly cannot afford internet connection problems. This is why internet service providers know that business disruption is much more important than for families and individuals. As a result, you can expect comprehensive priority support, shorter wait times, and faster repairs via Commercial Internet.

Static IP Address

Most home broadband plans have a dynamic IP address. A non-permanent address that changes each time you log in to your router. However, most commercial broadband plans offer a static IP address that is always fixed (an IP address is a numeric identifier for your computer). Static IP is crucial for things like web management, hosting VPN connections, setting up remote access to a computer desktop, or video surveillance.

Internet Security

When it comes to critical or even confidential business data, or when using a static IP address, internet security is paramount. Most business broadband service providers will understand this and offer plans to protect your company from hacking, phishing, viruses and malware.

Web and Email

Commercial broadband providers will include web hosting, email addresses and domain names as part of their plans and services. Although this is usually enough for a simple online presence, as if your own business email address, it’s not enough to create a completely online company. You may need to consider this when choosing your package.

Better Contention Ratio

It describes the number of users sharing the same data space. So the lower the ratio, the higher the quality of service. The 50:1 simultaneous ratio means that up to 50 broadband customers share the same bandwidth at the same time.

Although the number is often not widely advertised, for consumer broadband it is usually between 20:1 and 50:1. However, with business broadband connections, it is much lower, depending on the amount you pay. Okay, anything less than 5:1 is considered good. So check more details before choosing the broadband service provider for your company.

 Tailored business broadband packages by a supplier that meets your requirement are the best choice after the evaluation is over. However, remember that as your business grows, so will your needs. So always think about future growth. Remember that the chosen plan must include free technical support if you face any issues.

Make your communication problem ancient history.

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